The Pet Club - Shame on you for false advertising

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This store has the nerve to advertise outside their establishment for adoption of hedgehogs. I went in to see the hedgehogs maybe donate to the adoption/ rescue individuals.

I asked where they were located and they were on the counter with a for sale sticker on the tank for $260.00. I asked are these the hedgehogs advertised on the sign outside and was told they are. I was informed they are for sale not rescues. Not only that but these animals are nocturnal not to be exploited under bright commercial lighting with only a thin blanket to shield them from the elements.

Ive worked in rescue all my life, i walked out... Shame on you Pet Club I will be boycotting you and spread the word to friends to do the same.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Pet Club Pet Stores Advertisement.

Reason of review: Not as described.

The Pet Club in Mesa, Arizona - PET CLUB NO CUSTOMER SERVICE


Bought a ripped, poorly taped up, moldy bag of Purina Horse Feed (I did not notice it was in this condition, I bought 4-bags this day and never would have taken this bag if I had noticed)-Same day purchased wanted to exchange it and they refused to take it back (of course had my receipt)-have left several messages over a year for one of the owners to call me about other complaints with this "we could care less about the customer" company and staff says the same things all of the time "they will not call you because they do not care. They make a lot of money on the stores and could care less if a few folks are unhappy", and sure enough, no one has called me back-I have been complaining for years about the old out-dated food they try and sell consumers, and now, sometimes they sorta have sorta up-to-date food, but not all of the time-I will never drop another penny in this cheese-ball store ever again-I have filed a complaint w/ the Attorney General and Better Business Bureau

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $523.

Preferred solution: They also refuse to give me my earned free dog food-refund me everything or give me a good bag of purina horse feed and my free earned dog food.

The Pet Club - Incompetent Groomer Review

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My roommate is an employee of pet club. She works there as a groomer (using the term loosely).

She took her dog in to pet club with her and he contracted bordatella. She has told me that it was probably from a rescue dog who came in from the Arizona poodle rescue. However they do not know because pet club does not check vaccinations. My two girls are now sick with kennel cough because of this negligence.

Pet club continues to groom while having an outbreak of disease. This is animal abuse. Please spread the word. The manager is only 20 years old and has few years experience.

The other groomers there have less then 6 months in the industry.

They are constantly cutting open dogs ears and causing seizures. Please don't let them have the chance to kill your dog or make it I'll.


Bucyrus, Ohio, United States #1352646


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